About Us


Our owner is a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, where he deployed/instructed on five continents and served in quick reaction force roles for multiple National Special Security Events in the United States. He holds National Rifle Association certifications as a rifle and pistol instructor and Range Safety Officer, graduated from the Sig Sauer Academy's Semiautomatic Pistol Instructor Course, is certified as an AR-15 Armorer through Academi and Colt, and was previously certified as a Glock and 1911 armorer through Glock, Inc, and Academi, respectively.

What does that mean? It means he's used his guns hard, he knows how to build and repair them, and he knows the value of quality parts, not just flashy marketing campaigns.


When you look around the site, you'll find a few things are missing. We don't sell many "complete kits" that include a buttstock, a grip, or a plastic handguard. Most of the kits don't include triggers or trigger guards, either. While we do offer some of these items separately, we don't include them in the kits because we know over half of you won't actually use them. Why would we make you pay for a part that you're just going to toss in a bin, either immediately or as soon as possible afterward? If you want the part, we'll sell you the part, but we won't force it on you and make you pay for it.

We value American manufacturing. If a part in this store isn't Made in the USA, we'll tell you in the description. Otherwise, it's made here.

What won't be missing is honesty. You work hard for your money, we want you to understand what you're getting when you spend it here. If there are pertinent specifications for a part, they'll be in the description. We've also tried to be honest in our categorization. We're not going to pretend a part is good to go for duty or defensive use if we wouldn't put it in our own defensive rifles. We're also not going to tell you that it's good for duty or defensive use if it doesn't at least meet the military's minimum requirements, unless it has been tested and proven by another major organization, such as a federal law enforcement agency.

You'll find we don't run a lot of sales on our branded items. That's because we do our best to make things affordable every day, while still earning a living (we really love to eat, and so do our kids). We may run sales on other major brands, in accordance with their policies and our margins. Please understand that we'll probably never beat the prices of the major powerhouses. We're way too small for that.

Thank you for shopping here. We value your business, and we'll do everything we can to earn a return visit.


We offer a 10% discount on most items in the store for LE/MIL members.  Please fill out our Contact Us page using your department/military email address to receive your discount code.


We are a SWAM certified business.  Please use our Contact Us page and see what we can do for you!