Bare Bones Lower Parts Kit

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A stripped-down lower parts kit for those of you that want to pick out your own fire control group, grip, and trigger guard (or add one of our trigger guards).


1x Buffer Retainer, 5.56
1x Spring, Buffer Retainer, 5.56
1x Magazine Catch, 5.56
1x Spring, Magazine Catch, 5.56
1x Magazine Catch Button, 5.56
1x Pin, Receiver Pivot, 5.56
1x Pin, Receiver Takedown, 5.56
3x Spring, Takedown/Pivot Detent, 5.56
3x Detent, Receiver Takedown/Pivot Pin, 5.56
1x Bolt Catch, 5.56
1x Plunger, Bolt Catch, 5.56
1x Spring, Bolt Catch, 5.56
1x Roll Pin, Bolt Catch, 5.56
1x Safety Selector, 5.56
1x Spring, Selector Detent/Ejector, 5.56
1x Detent, Safety Selector, 5.56
1x Screw, Pistol Grip
1x Washer, Star, 1/4", Pistol Grip