This is not about you...

Posted by Joel A. on Aug 1st 2018

It's been really funny to watch the gun forums and gun groups light up over the Defense Distributed case. The funniest reaction has been people who post up various memes comparing the reaction to chea … read more

Man up!

Posted by Joel A. on Jul 16th 2018

There's an ongoing debate in the gun community - do "ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain," or should people simply spend more time at the gym? Well, since shooting is supposedly a thinking pers … read more

Isolation versus combination drills

Posted by Joel A. on Jul 3rd 2018

Range time is a precious thing, both in time and money. If you're heading to the range, you need a range plan. Part of that range plan should be some drills that you do regularly. You don't have to do … read more

Bolt Carrier Groups: Specs and Options

Posted by Joel A. on Jun 5th 2018

Welcome back!Along with the barrel, the bolt carrier group (BCG - consisting of the bolt and bolt carrier, firing pin, and cam) is probably the most important part of your AR. Typically, if I'm budget … read more

What grease should I use on my barrel nut?

Posted by Joel A. on May 24th 2018

Saw a question come up the other day about what barrel grease should be used when assembling an upper. Here's the quick down and dirty:Per the military's technical manual, the assembly grease must mee … read more